Monday the 19th September, Drawing prints

Today we got the task to update our blogs and draw prints. I decided to start with jotting down what we have done throughout the last few weeks. This allows me to come back within the next couple of days and create more blog posts on WordPress. After that, I started designing a print design, I looked at things which I like, such as logos.screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-13-46-11

This logo represents a rapper I listen to and and is a mix of the Irish and Puerto Rican flag so I thought it would be a decent idea to print it, whilst the design was not too hard draw for me. Although there weren’t any spare equipment so I decided to draw another design. This time I focused on MF Dooms mask, he is another rapper I like.


Unfortunately, when it got to actually printing I had to get off to work, this meant I missed the chance to print the logo and mask. If I was to do this task again I would push to use the printing equipment quicker as I didn’t recognise how quickly time had gone. This led me to not actually print any drawings.


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