Thursday the 15th September, 16mm Film Creation

We learnt about a man (Stan Brakhage)  who gathered dead butterflies which collected on his studio lights, and then put them into a 16mm film strip and played it as the designs from the butterfly wings ended up looking astonishing. These are called Foliage films and often use insects, leaves and such to create a design when run through a projector in film strips.Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 19.22.06.png


This picture above is from the film we looked at in class called Moth Light. This shows all the amazing designs in nature. This was created by Stan Brakhage in 1963 as a result of moths dying on his lights.


Today we were set the task to draw anything we thought would look good on a 16mm film strip. I decided to go with logos, words I like and colour changing.


I drew some ideas I wanted to draw on the strip but I was not attempting to use them all, this allowed me to test which ones I could still make look good on such a small scale. This process allowed me to realise that the Wu Tang Clan logo wouldn’t work.


I went with fingerprints as other people were using them and they seemed to come off nicely, they also allowed me to change the colours and math it still with the next design. I chose Blammo and Figaro because they are both featured on one of my favourite albums, one is a song and another is a saying. The flag is on of my favourite rappers and the Supreme is a clothes company. The lines which change colour, I thought would look good when played through. After we completed the strip, we rapped it up and took it down to the studio to view.  If I were to do the designs again I would of done a moving animation instead of logos and such as it would be more interesting to see something moving and I didn’t think of it at the time.


Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 14.37.48.png

After viewing the Animation project it was clear that the logos didn’t really work and I drew everything a little too big but the fingerprints and line of colour worked decent even though it played much quicker than I thought. This stopped me from being able to read the text which I wrote as the letters weren’t spread over enough frames as well as them being too much to the side.screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-14-38-44


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