Thursday the 22nd September, Confessions

Today we had to meet in the Tv studio in The Future Centre, this was because we were set the task of creating a confessions video whilst having a go at every job in a studio. This was good as it gave everyone a chance to practice with each piece of equipment giving a good all around experience. The different jobs we had to do were: floor manager, camera operator and the confessor. Other jobs such as the director and light technician weren’t completed by everyone and considering I have past experience in them rolls it weren’t something I wanted to do again.

I completed the floor managing job at first, this was a simple job and all that was needed was to repeat what was said by the director, although it was simple it is a necessary job and actually in the industry it is one of the most important jobs to spread what the director wants on set. Instantly, I went onto the next job of being camera man, unfortunately once again I would love to use the big cameras for a long period of time on a project but with the lack of a project, I haven’t been able to achieve the time I want. Although the job itself was alright, all my actions were directed which isn’t something I feel is going to improve my skills. I enjoyed it nevertheless as using a camera that big is some what interesting, especially when experimenting with it. After our break we put the cameras on the tv and a subject, it seemed to repeat what was on screen over and over again. When the director changed the shots over it allowed created a great replicated moving image effect.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 15.10.00.png

After or break, I decided on doing my confession, in this I talked about a memory in the past including scratching my mums car, then blaming it, I thought it was a good idea as it wasn’t similar to the other ones being said. If I were to do it again I would have liked to do the directors job as well due to it being one of the only things I didn’t do. Moreover, I would of liked to have more input on the project idea instead of being guided around what to do.




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