Tuesday 6th September, Document of the day

Document of the day

This Tuesday we  started the document of the day task. In this we had to investigate a location and find a point of interest for example informative, narrative, decorative, social commentary, a focussed exploration such portraits, architectural features, objects, typography, surface etc. We started by viewing some Mitchell and Kenyon films. The Mitchell and Kenyon film company was a pioneer of early commercial motion pictures based in Blackburn. The great bulk of the firm’s work was the making of non-fiction ‘actuality’ films across the UK particularly in the north of England and helped historians discover what life was like in the 1900s.

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 13.31.52.png

Viewing the films was interesting as I could see what life was like in the 1900s and this allowed me to understand that interesting things can come from anywhere whether it is simple actuality footage of people walking past or at the top of a mountain for a nice view; its all interesting for different reasons. This furthered me in my document of the day because I looked at objects I saw differently, took pictures and collected items I wouldn’t always collect. Such things like flowers/leafs and little blue rocks were found.


I decided to focus on colours in nature, art of different kinds and the story it tells about the artist, architecture and statues.


I will retake this photo as I feel it is too wide and is showing too much of the path and the walkway to the right unnecessarily.

20160906_105323.jpg20160906_104953.jpg20160906_104851.jpg20160906_135040.jpg20160906_134515.jpg20160906_133819.jpg20160906_133759.jpgScreen Shot 2016-09-15 at 13.54.13.png20160906_125101.jpg

I believe the document of the day experiment went well as I expanded my views and learnt about the surroundings of Blackburn as well as its past. The art in the all the pictures take great skill to complete, the contrast comes from the artist not the skill. The person who painted the big purple and pink flowers is probably a decently known local artist making money from art, the tags on the other hand are more than likely some random adult or teen who would get in trouble for marking yet the skill it takes to get a perfect curves produced and quickly is just as hard. The pictures above demonstrate what I chose for my point of interest and I could further this by choosing one of points of interest for further development. Although, after completing I don’t think I want to further any of the points even though the colour changes are visually pleasing and the architecture is average, although Blackburn’s buildings are good they are often run down or dirty, this shows that it has gone from being a rich place to poor within a hundred years which could be a point to visit again.



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