Tuesday the 13th September, Location Map

Today we got gave the task to work in an allocated group amalgamating ideas to a produce a location map. This could be photographic, sound based, illustrative, sculptural, textiles or fashion outcome, typography, painted, collaged or multi media. Firstly, Garfield had a great idea to show the dead night life around Blackburn, this would show were all the old pubs and clubs were as well as what they are like now compared to what they were, past stories from Garfield would also be included considering he had been a lot of the places before they closed down.Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 17.39.42.png

We decided on B town Comedown as it is about the after life of the clubs and pubs in the area and basically how they aren’t in a good state anymore.


This shows Garfield inside one of the places, this shows he had been inside the nightlife and we used this picture at the end of the video as a funny ending. I believe this improved the video as otherwise it was mostly just people walking around.

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 11.46.27.png

I believe the video turned out really well as we got loads of positive reviews on it, moreover with the time we had in one day, to produce a video which has a relevant point with humour isn”t a bad accomplishment. If I were to do it again I would of cut out a few of the places we went to as it wasted time, I ended up with barely any time to edit but managed to get a  fairly rough copy together. Allocating more time would mean we could have put the stabilizer effect on some of the shots as well as editing the shots to the music. This would cancel some of the shakiness of the camera and just to put more thought into the layout of the video as it was very quickly arranged. Furthermore, I chose a song which had a quick tempo as it meant I didn’t really have to arrange the shots as it would automatically cut on beat in most cases.


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