Tuesday the 20th September, The Decisive Moment

As part of media, we have been given the task to gain inspiration for a film idea by walking around the surrounding areas and finding something intriguing to yourself. From looking at my nearby surroundings I discovered loads of run down churches. I put this together with a conversation I was having with a random man about how churches are failing the community, as a result the majority are closing and this sparked my idea. I decided to note down my ideas and designed how I would set up a video of that kind.


My first idea was about how churches in the local area are closing so interviews with priests and knowledgeable people in the area would be used. I could find the same guy I spoke to as he said he knew the priest and therefore could get two contrasting views against each other. This will provide a balanced argument and the conclusion at the end will be your decision as you will now have to make a decision on the subject after viewing the film.  I believe this will be my best idea because it starts conversation, there are a lot of people who could agree and a lot who wouldn’t and therefore will be an interesting discussion.


My other ideas included the history of Blackburn and how it has changed. To show the change I would use footage from Mitchell & Kenyon and compare it with the same spots in Blackburn were they were took throughout the past. Other ideas include getting the elder generation involved as they have seen Blackburn change dramatically and there is no better story to be told by someone who has seen it in person. This will allow a long good interview, as a result there will be plenty of opportunities for B roll. Photographs from the elder generation could also be used to show a real visual of what it was like. Finally, I believe this will be a good idea because the Mitchell & Kenyon films provide a great amount of footage in the local areas which I can compare with. The pictures and the opinions from the elder generation would provide a correct information full narrative for my video.

I decided on doing a Mitchell & Kenyon idea about how their actuality footage helped historians and was part of pioneering film. It will end on the decline of the company, there deaths and how all there footage was found in Blackburn. After that I chose a film idea on the industrial revolution in Blackburn. This was a loosely planned story and I thought it was alright, I did it to fill up my ideas. It takes place in the Regency pub in Blackburn where an illegal bar is being run due to the selling of drugs, gangsters are in the area and a lot of industrial workers went to relax after a hard days labour. Problems would arise with the gangsters as the main character will get in debt with the gangsters, eventually the industrial revolution happens and he gets in more trouble, no money coming in….More problems and then the equilibrium. I don’t believe is a bad idea but the story would need more planning, although there are many locations in Blackburn which I could visualise fitting well. The plot of the story has many holes but could be worked with.


After judging ideas I shot a few videos to show the places I would film at and the look I could give off. I composed some shots and put them together to show the state of the churches now. I decided on the church idea as I thought it was the easiest to demonstrate and yet still has lots of information as well as an interesting development.



In the video I compare the locations from a run down church, one which is closing down and littered on and another which is getting extensions and only improving. This will provide the balance of B roll to fit with the contrasting opinions. If I were to do this again I would work on getting another completely different idea sorted and footage to match it as it would of been good to have to complete initial ideas to choose from.

After I completed the video I put it up on the Facebook website for peoples opinions and feedback from tutors.

I explained my idea and got good feedback and information which I could include in my video. Such things like St Annes helping the society shows through it still being there but others have not fared so well. This will only improve the amount to say with the contrasting opinions.





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