Tuesday the 27th September, Editing the Confessions

Due to missing the 26th due to buses, I came into the Tuesday ready for work. When I entered, the media group had to meet with Graham to discuss what our plans were. Next, we got given the task to edit the confessions video in small groups to put together, due to editing quite a few things and having experience I mainly took over on the computer. I believe the video ended out to be what our tutors had in mind, the shot types alternated and the different emotions conveyed throughout had been spread out so it weren’t the same answer constantly.

This was a quick experience and I probably would’ve enjoyed it more if we were able to do it in a more experimental way. Using such things lie the wheels to get moving shots could have been an interesting way to set it up although it would of taken a lot longer. If I were to do it again I would of liked it to be spread over a few days, with two groups to do something more, considering media hadn’t done all that much I was slightly disappointed. On the other hand, some of the confessions in the video are funny whilst others are very serious, it created a good balance of information and for the viewers hopefully it would create a series of different emotions.


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