Wednesday the 14th September, Considering Composition and watching Leningrad Cowboys


We looked at composition again as we were set the task of going out and taking pictures now considering the composition of the shots.


In this you can see that I have used the rule of thirds as the flowers and sing are on the right of the entrance to the park.


This uses leading lined and a central object, this directs your attention into the statue but I also like the reflection of the poppies in the middle.20160906_10551320160906_12503520160912_142107.jpg

This uses the golden triangle formula. I am not too keen on the image itself but you can see the textures of everything nicely as well as the shadow.

The picture above is simple but nice as you can see the difference in colour created by the sun hitting the trees. Moreover, the trees are in the place of the upward lines for the rule of thirds.

I believe this task went well as I used a range of different types of composition types I hadn’t employed. If I were to do it again I would take a sheet with loads of different composition types and then try out every one them. This would allow me to at least understand them all instantly if I couldn’t remember them all straight away.

After that, we had a screening of a film, we got given a film called the Leningrad Cowboys. This was about a band which is still going, and they travel to America to become a famous band, the film was about the travels and how they became a famous band. I thought it was an alright film, it was pretty funny at parts but too weird in others, I ended up walking out near half way as it got a little too weird and I weren’t enjoying it anymore. If I were to watch it again I’d attempt to get through it all again due to all the good reviews from peers in the class.


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