Wednesday the 21st September, Art and Never Let Me Go

Starting the day off, we had a lecture about art. In this lesson we learnt that there is no such thing of bad art, this is because art provokes thought and art can only appeal or not appeal to your style/preference, therefore the art you don’t like isn’t bad art it’s just not meant for you. Furthermore, this shows that art cannot be fraud as you simply don’t purchase what you don’t like. I liked the lecture as it defined what art is to me and allowed me to look at art I view differently. For instance, I now look at some art I don’t like with interest instead of completely ignoring what it has/hasn’t to offer.


After our lecture, we had a screening to attend and the film we are watching is called Never Let Me Go. This film was good as it wasn’t a usual film and it was filled with many weird happenings. For instance, the film was based on people who got cloned then got surgery throughout there life to give people there body parts, eventually they would die and the cycle would continue. Although it wasn’t the normal film I would watch it was a good film, the ending was great as it shows that they grew up there whole life in misery getting ever weaker for no reason.


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