Wednesday the 28th September, Visiting Lectures and Workshops

Arriving today, we discovered that there were visiting lectures from Universities tutors and professional workers. At first, we had lectures about the professions of the professionals who came in, they talked about all their jobs they have had in the past, how they got work and were they have traveled to. The lectures point of conversation ranged from photography to graphic design. I found this really interesting as they talked about visiting Hong Kong and other places. Richard Tymon inspired me as he showed that you can achieve being a photographer quickly by having an eye for it and working hard, he was in a different profession and then suddenly decided to become a photographer as it was originally what he wanted to do. He then switched went to Blackburn University and achieved many goals in the profession.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 10.24.21.png

After completing the lectures, our next task was to complete some workshops. At the start of the day I was slightly late meaning I didn’t get first choice with my workshops, as a result I got graphics and photography. Next, I went to my photography workshop and in this I had Richard Tymon and John Harrison. These were good for me as I liked there talks originally. In our workshop they talked about there profession, welcomed questions and showed us what they look for when taking a good picture. I thought it was a really good talk as it was coming from successful  professionals meaning it was relevant to what what I want to do in the future, it allowed me to see what they do at work and out as well as a good guide for taking pictures.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 10.06.49.png

Next, we went downstairs to go to the next workshop, unfortunately when I was making a brew I accidentally lost the graphics group. Instead I did the other photography course downstairs which was a great experience. Grace Gelder was very interesting, I really liked the pictures she showed us and the idea of her work was really intriguing. She had worked in unusual places like Mongolia and thats what I liked about her work. One of my favourite pictures was of a woman director of prison and I loved the composition, the picture was more than just composition though as in Mongolia females don’t get the same equality as men in work.


As a result Gelder has taken many images of women in work, this will show that woman should have equal rights or at least change peoples minds on not being equal as well as proving they are just as worthy to do any job.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 10.38.50.png

In the workshop we had the task to take pictures of ourself without our hands as well as thinking outside the box to capture an image, unfortunately my phone lost the pictures but the ones below are ones I took for other people.

The overall day was really good as it gave us practical experience and good information on how to succeed in the art industry and freelance practice. If I were to do it again I would of got in earlier to not miss the start of the talks, this would allow me to get a proper look at all the workshops to see if I could choose anything better, although I did feel the courses were right for me.


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