Wednesday the 7th September, Contemporary art and a Museum Visit

Today we had a lecture about how all art is contemporary, we viewed experimental art as well. Such artists like Hirst, Duchamp, Schiele, Emin as well as work from Craig-Martin. I found them all interesting but considering my main focus is in media/photography I didn’t gain any inspiration for my themes. Later in the day, we had a visit to the Blackburn museum, this was to show us the art in the local area. I thought the museum was good as it has a nice small display, although a little too small to attract a large crowd it has a good selection of paintings and other artifacts. I found some of the local painters to be interesting as it isn’t often you find out about the history of Blackburn. Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 15.14.23.png

There were plenty of local artists such as J, Weiss who only sold his paintings to fly and the painting above by James, Sharples which shows the working class. The painting came from 1847 and the painter was the 1st professionally acclaimed painter from a working class background, he came from Blackburn and it gave a voice to the working class people in the art industry. I would like to work with this picture in the future, perhaps to produce a video on it as it is also leaving to china in the close future. I believe the museum visit was great as I learnt the history of Blackburn whilst it brought artifacts and objects from around the world. Such things like the mummy and the Japanese woodblock prints are proof that the museum is more than just a tiny museum and has the capability to attract a good audience, therefore I would visit again in the future.


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