Thursday the 6th October, Blackpool Trip

Today we arrived to go to the Blackpool neon museum. After arriving we went straight to the museum, we quickly learnt that we all couldn’t go in at once, therefore we wanted to go in first so we could go around Blackpool after and take pictures of the things such as the piers.

These pictures are from my phone and show what we did in in Blackpool, I really like some of the pictures and  a lot of the reflections in the museum turned out great in some of the pictures. The lighting on the pier was really good as it was reflecting of the water and creating a great image. The pier looks rusty and done and the tower is still representative of Blackpool and I believe I captured a few good different angles of it with other subjects in. Some of the pictures above are cropped ruining some of the shots. I liked the trip as for a photographer you could go around after the museum and take pictures of anything. Moreover, If I were to go again I would bring my DSLR for higher quality pictures and long shutter speed pictures (especially of the neon). I was shocked when no one did it as some of the neon in there would look fantastic with a long exposure whilst moving the camera.


I shot this half a year ago on a light which changes colour and shook, I think the result is amazing and I love this image, something better easily could of been achieved at the neon, especially as neon flashes therefore it could create a really weird effect.


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