Tuesday the 4th October, Meeting with Graham and Steve at the Blackburn Museum and talks about the trips

Today we had been given the task to meet at the museum so that we could have a meeting with Steve and Graham. This allowed us to be set the task of creating a few videos each on some of the pieces in the museum. I believe this will be a good task as media haven’t had much to do and some practical work would be good to start on. After speaking to Steve, we got the impression that he wants a few videos, possibly with interviews and the main one he wants doing is of The Forge which is being sent to China soon. As a result we decided to split into groups so that we could handle different sections of the museum. I joined a group with Jake and Zach, this will give us the right amount of people to create 2-3 videos. Furthermore, after deciding on 2-3 videos we looked around all the Museum noting primary research and decisions to be made for the video, the research and information collected on multiple pieces will allow us to come away and assess which objects would be best fitting for a video. Such things we looked out for were if the painter was local and if their location could be included, with The Forge it was painted in Blackburn and this means we can have footage of where the place was and the painting. Graham had to get off so we talked to Steve about the main objects and paintings we were looking at, If he knew about it he would give us information about them and I found him being there very useful in getting our initial ideas sorted. We decided on the Mummy and the Clay tablets which invented writing.




All this information could be put into the videos and included as a part of the interview. I believe trip to the museum was really good as I managed to get a lot of useful information, my initial ideas came to alight and decisions were made. If I were to do it again I would’t change anything as it was a good first step to creating a video.

After visiting the Museum we went back to class where they talked about the upcoming trips, a Blackpool neon Museum was mentioned as well as a trip to London. This talk included how much it would be, what we are doing and when the payments are needed. This allowed me get everything together in time and decide whether to go on the trips. I believe the neon one sounds really good due to it being not the normal kind of gallery you would find, the only hope is that it is big enough. Moreover, the London trip is going to be great as it is allowing us to go to a place full of art whether it is in the streets or in Galleries as well as visits to the Universities which will help me decide on what I want to do in the future. This picture is from a visit to London I went on to take pictures. The talks were great as they informed us the important information we need to know but it would be good if we got sheets so that if you aren’t in then you would still know about it.IMG_5113.JPG





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