Wednesday the 5th October, Blackpool University Talk

In the morning we had a lecture about UAL which was full of useful information which we need for university,and then after was normally going to be watching the film Daisies. After going for the film we got told that we are meant to be in the photography suite have a talk with Blackpool museum, this was because he was meant to come the week after but due to a misdirections he had come this week. This was unfortunate as I wanted to watch the acclaimed Daises as it had been praised by all my tutors and had inspired past students in their work. In the talk we talked about Media at the University and it’s most important benefits, it was clear that when he first spoke about it one of the main points was it is a small class and they have great equipment, although I wouldn’t want to study in Blackpool the class could be worth the travel.





After talking about the University we had been given the task of naming all camera shots we can think of, this gave everyone in the room the shot names if they didn’t already and it set us ready for the next task. After, we were given a script, we had to read the script and judge what we would shoot it like. I thought this part was decent but he was pretty much telling us what to shoot it like instead of letting us choose for ourself. It was a simple but useful task as I hadn’t gone through a script and judged like that before, I liked it and I thought I did a good job considering I did most of the sheet.



After this we took what we did on the sheet and tried to shoot it on some Canon EOS 5D Mark III, the film wasn’t edited which would have been a good inclusion so we could understand how it would look together. The filming was a bit of a laugh but we managed to get our shooting done and shot well although the location was terrible for what we were shooting. I liked the exercise as it allowed us to do some practical work after filling out forms and it allowed us to relate the shot names we wrote down with the shots we filmed, adding to my shot name knowledge. If I were do this again I would’ve liked to see the film and done the talk in the same day as I didn’t feel the lecture related to me and therefore was useless.


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