Tuesday the 18th October, Museum and Library Visit

On this day, we as a media group arranged to go to the museum to have a meeting and finalise what we were wanting to do, this allowed us to plan everything we wanted and make any necessary changes. Our group hit a set back as zak hadn’t turned up and therefore we couldn’t confirm if he is going to be in our group, we changed what we were gonna shoot and decided on not doing the mummy, instead we are doing The Forge and the Clay Tablets.



I created an equipment list so that we all know what we need and therefore can arrange as soon as possible. The infinity wall may have to be included as well as we are wanting to shoot a few of the objects on a white wall and lit, this will give a professional look and something like this will help us attract all different kinds of people to the Blackburn museum.

After deciding such things like what to include and how to achieve the best aesthetic look, we moved onto research so that we can make better more informed decisions to improve the video and attract people who are interested in the information museums teach you.


After, we went to the library to do research, this showed me that kids were really enjoying the museum, therefore we should appeal to the youth and create a simple video and one which is full of information instead of creating three of pretty much the same videos. Also we will join the smaller videos together in a series with the other peoples work and release on different dates, such things like a Facebook and Youtube need to be created and used to attract the younger generation.

If I were to do this again I wouldn’t change anything as the visit was extremely helpful and the library visit allowed us to get on with researching without any distractions.



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