Wednesday 12th October, Everything is Illuminated and Information for Personal Statements

After coming back after an admin day, we went to a lecture, in this we watched Everything is illuminated. The film is about a young jewish-american writers attempt to research his grandfathers life in Ukraine, I watched the most of the film but missed a bit due to updating my blog on my laptop. This is partly because the film didn’t grab me initially and because I was slightly behind.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 17.12.37.png

On the other hand, the ending was shocking as you find it his grandfather is a Nazi Sympathizer who persecuted jews in the war. If I were to watch this film again I would like to see the whole of the film as I missed a selection of the film, big key points were missing from the film and parts of it didn’t make sense after I saw it.

After watching the film, we went for a break then returned for a talk on how to do personal statements. 20161012_150802.jpg





The talk was really good as it gave us information on how to create our personal statements which we are about to start and it gave us a talk about all the London Universities and there specialties. I found out that in London some of the media and photography courses are the best in the world and for that reason they are exceptionally well stocked with equipment, some were small others were larger and this depends as I wouldn’t want a massive university to go. This is because it takes away a relationship with the tutors and stops one to one learning which is so important in practical work. The main focus was on personal statements and such things like what the Universities look for was included. If I were to do this again I would make more notes as some of the pictures didn’t come out great due to the darkness and a terrible phone camera.


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