Wednesday the 19th October, University of Cumbria, Arrangments and Self Assessment

The University of cumbria talk was mostly based on art courses and some film courses, such things like a wildlife course was the only one to truly appeal to me and filming for something like that has been a long time ambition. The talk was good but way too long and I had lost concentration half way through, if it was to be done again then I would have liked a break half way through as you could see people falling a sleep on the side.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 19.07.38.png

The course looked really good but they didn’t speak enough about it before moving on, it looked great but a Bristol course may be better as that is were BBC wildlife is based, therefore work experience would be better and the chances of landing a job afterwards would also improve. I looked into it afterwards my self to see what it is like and it looks and sounds a really good course.

After, looking at the course we set out at arranging the next steps in production. Such things like seeing if we can take the objects out of the box, filmed on a white wall and lit so it would look professional, this needed to be arranged before we went back o college so we can film as soon as possible.

14718625_1810424939199022_7074977598625850471_n (1).jpgScreen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.36.41.png

We are going to have a meeting on the first day back so we can see where everyone is, arrange research/ pre production, get filming dates sorted and equipment booked as soon as possible. If I were to do it again I would of liked more guidance and an actual brief so that we knew exactly what to do at all times.

After Arranging the meeting I reviewed my work so that I know what stage I am at and what level I think I am at.


I think I should be on all Pass’ though and only put it because it was better than the worst section.




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