Monday the 31st October, Meeting for Museum, Set Brief

At the start of the day, we arranged a meeting so that we could set filming days and arrange what needs doing. It was clear that I’m lacking primary research such as surveys so I can find out what people would do themselves if they were to do this. This could spring ideas that we could develop and we will target our intended audience so the answers are relevant to the people who will view and get inspired by our videos.

We questioned film dates, this was to allow us to book out equipment on the correct day. Next, we questioned accessibility of the museum so we can arrange who will go in to film at what time, this will help us get the work done with no interruptions.


After, we created another equipment list which considers everyones needs but it will need changing or adding to if our ideas change in the coming weeks. We discovered that we could use the Canon EOS 5D which are professional level cameras which would be an extreme bonus in making our production professional.


I am wanting a slider included as well and any other equipment which could provide a range of different camera maneuvers would be useful. This helps to change up the camera shots and make a good sequence. The pancake lens is a wide lens which will be useful for attaining shots of The Forge and the other paintings of the wall of the museum. A zoom lens and a macro lens will be included so that we can get a good image of the small clay tablets. Moreover, the tripod will stabilise the camera and provide panning maneuvers whilst the Dedo kit will light up the tablets on either the infinity wall or a back background. A reflector could provide lighting for the interview, whilst the red head light and the rode mice will also affect the interview.

After that we got set the brief for the V&A task and we had to think of an idea and create a presentation for when we get back of holiday.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 14.19.20.png

This was really useful as I know what the examiners want and not just our tutors, if I were to do this day again I wouldn’t change anything as I learnt a lot through the day and discovered what tasks our tutors have set.


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