Wednesday the 9th November – London Meeting, Dean Hughes and research

Today we started if by having a meeting about the London trip, this was to solidify what was going to happen throughout the entire trip. This was good to have before we went as it gave me all the background information I would need. Moreover, we were able to pay the final amount before we went. After our discussion we had a visiting lecture of a professional, he showed the work he has produced and my favourite piece was a drum video filmed in one shot. Some of the shots in the video were very imaginative and I really liked the shot between the symbols specifically, this was due to me never seeing that angle before and the moving symbols vibrating out of shot was interesting. Overall the whole video in one shot was great and the moving of shots worked perfectly with the drum beat. In this video he used a ginormous mechanic moving tripod on a rail to get a great cover of his performance. I would like the same opportunity to use equipment like that to produce a similar video.

After that I looked at Dean Hughes website but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I then completed research on the V&A research and added to my presentation. To further the video we had a meeting in which we discussed what needed doing and what we should tackle first, we arranged things for the filming to be done such as what specific equipment we are all taking and who is going at what time.


As a result of not being able to take the clay tablets out of display we are going to have to film them in the box, there is decent lighting in the boxes and it should be simple to get different shots.

If I were to do this again I would like to get the actual site name of the presenter and research different things like different shots for help.



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