Thursday the 10th November, Research and Filming

We got given the task to carry on with work. Initially I decided to do more research on the V&A but it changed to sorting filming out for later in the day as we had planned yesterday in the meeting as well as. Such things like booking the equipment out had to be completed but we didn’t need to use a booking sheet, this speeded up the process and only had to do it by mouth. I created a equipment list and compared it with the other groups so that I could see if we were missing anything or if there were anything we could use to achieve a different look.


After booking out we discovered that we couldn’t use the Canon EOS 5d, this was a shame as I was looking forward to use a professional grade camera and I think it could improve the overall quality of the film, although I like my camera myself. I am comfortable with it and the quality is great, luckily I already brought it in and therefore I could just take mine. I decided to re-write our ambitions and some research so that if Irwin needs any info he has it. I completed the sheet for the other video but on this day we are only attempting to film the short video.


I brought the above image to help us when filming, the aim was to remind us of our goal as it is easily forgotten when working with no guidance.


Next, we needed to complete the voice over using the voice recorder so we have a basis for the video and we can then film to fit in with what he states. My peer completed the recording and it was recorded to low to play, this could cause probems in the when editing as when I increase the volume the background noise will increase as well, I will research techniques to reduce the noise or re record it. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to record for a second time as Irwin was rushing.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 11.45.28.png

We took shots throughout the time we were there and the shot above is an angle I captured and really like. It could use brightening but the dark velvet red background is appealing.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 11.44.58.png

I like the out of focus background achieved through the 1.4 aperture on my camera lens.

Unfortunately we didnt have time to check the footage or the audio and at this point we didn’t know whether we had done a good job.

All together I believe it went well as the footage looks great, although not being able to open up the case limited us. I like the backgrounds of the shots as the colours are nice and there are other interesting objects in the background. Perhaps it could of been better using less of an aperture to achieve a little sharper background but I feel it draws the attention to the right objects.



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