Tuesday the 15th November – Arrival in London

Today we arrived in London, we took the bus down and once arrived we went straight to the V&A museum.img_0034


I really liked how ginormous it was and the actual art there was huge as well, you had ginormous statues everywhere and golden chairs. It was a big step up from Blackburn’s museum


Next to this golden chair was a tiger which was an organ at the same time, I researched the piece before hand and it is one of the most important objects there.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 13.02.30.png


One of my favourite thing there though was the chandelier which was glass, I have no idea how someone would make something like that so big and it be able to be used as a chandelier.

I didn’t get to see the entirety of the museum but next time I will definitely get through it all, additionally I will bring  money for the areas which costed.



This is only a very small part of the building in frame and it looks huge.


After visiting the museum we went on to go see the London Opera House.

This was just to witness something as big scale as this and the person who presented the place exclaimed how busy they were all the time, changing the sets over nights numerous times and most days.




The size of the changing room wasn’t that big but it was filled with clothes on clothing racks and these were only for a few days. This was interesting because you could see how much work they put into making shows.



I really liked the visit to the Opera house, it was a great look around one of the biggest Opera Houses in the world and its scale was amazing. It was extremely interesting just how much money they put into everything. If I were to visit London again I would attempt to see this again.

After visiting the opera house we went and got food and then went to Jamie’s exhibition. We arrived late as we couldn’t find the place. The art itself was great and I really liked the reason behind creating the bin lid painting. The colours were really nice and the different designs seemed unique.


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