Wednesday the 16th November, London’s Universities

Firstly, we started the day by going to LCC university.


They had a collections of directors and this piece above was in the same place, I really like it as I think the mix of the skies is an interesting idea and provides a great visual piece.img_0114

After that we did printing and I printed a few items, I enjoyed this as it was like taking a picture without a camera and you could alter the little aspects to how you wanted it. For instance, if you wanted lighter shades then you kept it in the solution for less time.

I liked the University but there wasn’t much about film making. If I were to choose my universities I wouldn’t of gone to LCC as it’s main aspect was printing. Although the printing equipment was unbelievable it wasn’t something I was looking for.

img_0116 Secondly, we went to Chelsea university which had looked great, I liked how you could graffiti on the walls and the people who were showing us around seemed more like they were telling the truth and less like they were reading of a sheet. I asked about the media equipment and they stated they have everything. This is what I am looking for as I want to be working with professional grade equipment and more.

The classes looked smaller and that for me is also what I want as I learn a lot better with one to one teaching.

Lastly, we visited Central St Martins, I didn’t see much about media but it wasn’t a big tour, mostly a walk around. The actual building was amazing and the area in general but for me I don’t think that the university was fitting. It was too big and that suggests the classes are huge.

Overall U really enjoyed the trip and I’m glad I could go, I won’t be going London but at least I know that know although Chelsea did look good I think something like the Manchester Film school is more fitting. Smaller classes and a more practical setting with equipment professionals would be jealous off.



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