Wednesday the 23rd November, Lecture, Feedback and Pitch

Firstly we had a lecture about UAL. In this we learned good information about the Universities in London. After going London and seeing the Universities, it was good having someone talk about the Universities and how to apply to them If I had wanted to. such things like how to do your personal statement for that specific course. Although, I would prefer to go to a local course after visiting and being told what it it about. This was due to not much being said about Media and the focus seemed to be in fashion and other arts rather than media production, whereas I could go to Manchester and apply to an all practical course which would suit me better and offer a chance to work in and out of studios rather than all outdoors. After that I went to present my pitch.

As soon as I started I had realised I’d put too much writing for me to read over and present properly and I didn’t explain my idea to my tutor efficiently.


I had some pictures and videos but I did not focus on them enough and I didn’t feel I could concentrate. If I were to do it again I would bullet point small sentences then tall mostly about the pictures as a lot of it was simply confusing. I skipped parts of the presentation and this meant my idea was part told leaving a half idea in her head. On the other hand I gained inspiration from a relevant painting and offered ideas on how to make my video. I gained feedback off my peers and tutor giving me ideas to focus on such as the old market where the bus stop was in Blackburn. It seemed as if the idea was wanted to be changed into actuality footage but as a piece of work I don’f find that challenging or appealing at this part of my career. Although at some point I could definitely focus on that subject whether through photography or film.


This picture is what inspired me to make a film about every day life. I saw the picture titled “The Market” and it reminded of the old Blackburn Market and how it could be interesting to compare the old markets of them days to what we have now.





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