Thursday the 15th December, Last day, Personal Statement and Filming

This was our last day and I spent it completing my Personal statement and having one last check through, this allowed for us to go through it an re word anything which needed it. We also had the task of reducing the word count which we managed to do. After that I paid for it and then waited for our tutor to send it off.


Furthermore I had to film my nana for the V&A video, this went really well and I think the actual look of it is great.

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 16.18.40.png

The questions went really well as well and it provided fantastic information which will be the base of the video.

Furthermore I got a contact of my Nana who could provide illustration for my video or possibly an interview.



I will look into the resources she gave me and hopefully collect another interview as she has not replied for a while. She couldn’t give me images either but she helped out enough.


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