Thursday the 24th November, Pre Production and Production

Today I was set the task off carrying on with practical work, in this case I decided to create some pre production for my V&A video and I started with my Story Board.


My storyboard is good because it sets out what I will need to do and it illustrates what I have in mind for this video. I can use this to help me throughout my production. Furthermore, I state where I want to shoot my interview and different angles which I could attempt. If I were to do it again I would include a few ore shots to give me more help.


These are my questions in which I will ask my interviewee, I believe these will give some good answers to the video and it should improve the narrative. Ive also added important information as I will have to look over the questions and it could be a good reminder. If I were to do it again I may of attempted a script but I lack experience and english skills so I prefer to do it through questions.


I then set out my video again so that it remember what I’m doing and it allows me to make some changes like adding another interviewee. It was good for my process. After, I completed some research on the history of Blackburn, this allowed me to plan out my video better and consider some of the information being put into the video.

Finally, we had the idea to record a voice over and film some different shots at The Blackburn Museum, I talked Steve through what he needed to talk to as Jake recorded his voice. We both also filmed some different camera shots and maneuvers so that when it came to editing it, we will have  a variety of shots.

It was quick and I didn’t have a chance to look at the footage or the audio as it was later on and Steve was busy therefore we had to return the equipment to review the footage at a later date.





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