Tuesday the 29th November, Graham and Production

In the first half of the day we had Graham (Media tutor ) which started by getting our feedback sheet back. I got no referrals for my first unit so therefore I could solely focus on my production in the first part of the day. I imported the audio and the videos and realised that the audio had been recorded too quietly and this would mean I would have to increase the volume. Unfortunately it comes custom with background noise which in this case was static. It was overcoming and therefore I researched how to reduce static. I discovered all I had to do was add an effect onto the audio and then you can reduce the background noise. It reduces the quality of the audio but I only used it a bit keeping the quality strong. We then edited the video to the audio but realised we were missing music. This will become a task as we record the second video.


In the second half of the day I focused on my personal statement and my blog and this allowed me to get everything up to date. This day went really productively, if I were to do it again I wouldn’t change anything.



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