Wednesday the 14th December, Manchester Film School, Filming issues

In the morning there was a chance to see Neil Roberts who is an accomplished photographer, unfortunately I couldn’t make it because I had to get the bus to Manchester. When we arrived at the University it was clearly what I was looking for, it was small with all industry grade equipment, studios and nice teachers. It didn’t look crowded and the area was really nice. He showed us around everywhere and you got your own editing rooms with industry standard programs. When we got in the studio it was really professional as everyone was doing there own job with about 30 people there whilst an elderly woman was choreographing this dancer for the shot. It was run like an actual film set and I feel this is the best way for me to learn the trade.

After having a look at the University, I went back to my brothers to get the bus to film but as it got later I missed the bus and it meant I would have to rearrange the filming days.screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-13-17-47


He was nice about it and understood so I will rearrange when we get back to film the other video.



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