Wednesday the 7th December, Production, Hartlepool and Manchester Film School

First, we finished of the first video and searched for music unsuccessfully. This was annoying as I am wanting to send of the video but we can not do it until the music is added.  After that, we had a talk with Hartlepool which looked good for Media with lots of live briefs. They had great industry standard cameras as well as 16mm like in which Tarantino uses. 95% of pupils were in jobs and it is the highest percentage although it isn’t just jobs in Media so it doesn’t attract me fully and the fact that they include that fact annoys me when the job doesn’t apply to there studies.

Next, we had a talk with Manchester Film School, it was an exact replica of the first time he did it but it gave us the opportunity to talk to him and arrange a day in the following week to visit the University.


The course really appealed to me due to the reasons above and it is my first choice. The equipment, the drama side and other aspects they are bringing in such as music videos sealed it as my top choice.


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