Thursday the 12th January 2017, Filming Second Museum Video

I arranged with Steve to film then me and Jake made our way at Lunch after picking up equipment and arranging exactly what to do.





The filming went really well as the lighting of the room was already good and we had enough space and free time to produce great footage. We attempted extra lighting with an LED light but due to the different temperature of lights, it gave a big patch of light which was a lot bluer (daylight) than the more red (tungsten) light. We solved this by simply not using it and pumping up the camera settings.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 21.00.12.png

I had thought the room we were going to film in wasn’t going to be good but we filmed the interview next to The Forge painting making it relevant and easy to understand what the main focus was. The wall was full of paintings and I utilised this to get a nicely framed shot. Moreover the wall proving a good back subject for the interview from multiple angles and it included a shot with a statue and the painting in the background which all came out very good.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 20.49.53.png

If I were to film again I would only want to include more close up shots of the actual painting as it was lacking close ups as he was talking The Forge.

I imported the videos onto my computer and had to go because I ran out of time.


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