Monday the 30th January 2017, Editing the VNA, B Roll List

Today I started editing the VNA video, this started of with me importing everything and working on the narrative. After getting feedback from Graham I decided to change the way I edit so that I consider the narrative early as I feel this video would need it considering the lack of different angles.

I started by adding the main interview, I cut it up to info I wanted and then put it together with the other cut up interview angles, this at first made a strange narrative but I knew I’d only need B roll to add breaks and use different interview angles. I had a few problems as I filmed shots of the pictures in her hand past the 180 degree rule, I really liked the shot and thought it worked well as if there was another camera there. Also I liked how the Merry England poster was in the back as it was relevant to what she talked about at the time and focus pulls from both objects looked great.


To keep continuity was a lot of work due to the amount of footage I had to put together with each different question being different angles.



Today went really well as I managed to arrange all the narrative, when I got to this point I made a list of all the places and objects she talks about, this will allow me to go and get B roll of all the relevant things. If I were to do it again I would of tried to get more done as I more than likely could of got the interview visuals near enough completed.


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