Wednesday the 18th January 2017, Filming VNA

Firstly I had to make my way in to college, grab equipment then go to my straight to my Nana’s house, this was because she was going out and didn’t have much time. More importantly it had taken me a while to even start the VNA video and I had to push to do it at risk of not completing.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 12.34.09.png

When I arrived I decided on choosing the back room as it has great lighting with windows all around and loads of different pieces of art which I could frame nicely. The reason I kept this location was as I liked the shadows onto the wall and the way that if I cut to the other side shot you see other art pieces which you can’t see in the above picture.

Unfortunately due to not having enough time I couldn’t film all the questions a few times from different angles as that is ideal for the editor. As a result I had to film different angles on every question and although this makes it harder for the editor and there will be more use of B roll to patch up the spots which won’t flow.  It was a quick job but it allowed me to understand what B roll to pick up, you can’t do that until you know the narrative and seen as I was asking questions it was not possible until after the interview.

The interview went really good as I got all the relevant information about Blackburn town and surrounding areas as well as stories from her childhood which will be ideal in comparing pasts. If I were to do it again I would of done it earlier so that I could of had enough time to get the angles which I wanted, this would improve the narrative and the visuals of my video.



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