Wednesday the 8th February 2017, Finished VNA and showed Steve Irwin Museum videos

I got in and started my B roll, it did not take long to do and there were no problems with it.I added shots from the forge to the museum video and this improved the video a lot I think. After adding all the B roll to Nostalgia, it made my video a lot more spaced and the whole thing flowed a lot better now. Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 15.49.25.png I managed to finish the VNA video, this allowed me to focus on my Ucas so that I weren’t panicking before I went on holiday. I changed the title to Nostalgia as Ingham thought it was more fitting. Simple things like adding fades and titles were the last steps I were adding.

I like the VNA video but it would of been improved if I had a lot more smooth cuts between speaking, a second camera would of easily done this.

After exporting the videos I went to see Steve Irwin about the completed videos. It took a while to see him but eventually we found him, he really liked the short video as it was short looked really appealing and to the spot with interesting information. He liked the longer one for the actual look of it but it seemed he preferred the short videos than the longer. Although he did say he liked the information throughout the video and said he was relieved when he saw the video as he thought he talked too much in the interview.

I enjoyed today as I was doing small amounts of practical work and I discovered what Steve Irwin thought about the videos. I gained a small amount of feedback from Brian and he said to work on getting a few more close ups in The Forge. I like all my videos as I think they all look great, and sound good apart from a few mistakes which I will go over. If I were to do them again I would simply start them a long time before. One thing I particularly liked about the Sumerian Tablets was the scroll right next to the tablets, this provided a great opportunity to frame them all together and I think it looks great.



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