Thursday the 26th January 2017, Editing the Forge

I have been editing The Forge all week and after completing The Sumerian Tablets video, it has all0wed me to focus on this piece and get it done as soon as possible. I tried matching up movements from Steve Irwin which stopped any jump cuts appearing and created a smooth cut which looks as if there are more than one camera.


The only problem I had is the babies cry at a small point but the information is needed in the video and I managed to isolate and remove most of babies voice in the background noise. I believe The Forge was great for it’s looks and now its narrative. I gained feedback from Graham and he exclaimed you need think about the narrative in video at the start so that it makes sense and then you can put the B roll over. Unfortunately there wasn’t much B roll to use from one room in the museum but I managed to find a few which weren’t the painting. Due to the lack of painting close ups, I had to borrow a clip of Tom Ingham who had a lot lighter shot which showed the hidden part of the painting. But, after that I gained feedback stating the painting shots need to be same brightness which I could see as a problem but I didn’t have time to go get more shots when I hadn’t started the VNA.



I have completed both videos to completion but I feel as if The Forge could do with some more B roll. If I were to do this again I wouldn’t change anything as I managed to check of a large part of my production in the next couple of weeks.


Wednesday the 30th November, Michael Eden and Ghost world

Michael Eden visited us and showed us the work he had completed throughout his life, this was inspiring as he didn’t believe he could achieve himself but overcame that to succeed in his ceramics career. It was interesting as he showed us the work he has done and what they were inspired by.Image result for michael eden

This is a piece which was inspired by bone and I find it really interesting, I really like the colour and he has found interesting colours and textures all over the world to have an effect on his work.Scan 18.jpeg

Ghost World was a film with Scarlett Johansson in and I thought it wasn’t great, I got half way through it and carried on to complete my personal statement as a replacement. If I were to do this day again I would go to the lecture but not the film as I could of done something more productive.