Monday the 31st October, Meeting for Museum, Set Brief

At the start of the day, we arranged a meeting so that we could set filming days and arrange what needs doing. It was clear that I’m lacking primary research such as surveys so I can find out what people would do themselves if they were to do this. This could spring ideas that we could develop and we will target our intended audience so the answers are relevant to the people who will view and get inspired by our videos.

We questioned film dates, this was to allow us to book out equipment on the correct day. Next, we questioned accessibility of the museum so we can arrange who will go in to film at what time, this will help us get the work done with no interruptions.


After, we created another equipment list which considers everyones needs but it will need changing or adding to if our ideas change in the coming weeks. We discovered that we could use the Canon EOS 5D which are professional level cameras which would be an extreme bonus in making our production professional.


I am wanting a slider included as well and any other equipment which could provide a range of different camera maneuvers would be useful. This helps to change up the camera shots and make a good sequence. The pancake lens is a wide lens which will be useful for attaining shots of The Forge and the other paintings of the wall of the museum. A zoom lens and a macro lens will be included so that we can get a good image of the small clay tablets. Moreover, the tripod will stabilise the camera and provide panning maneuvers whilst the Dedo kit will light up the tablets on either the infinity wall or a back background. A reflector could provide lighting for the interview, whilst the red head light and the rode mice will also affect the interview.

After that we got set the brief for the V&A task and we had to think of an idea and create a presentation for when we get back of holiday.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 14.19.20.png

This was really useful as I know what the examiners want and not just our tutors, if I were to do this day again I wouldn’t change anything as I learnt a lot through the day and discovered what tasks our tutors have set.


Wednesday the 19th October, University of Cumbria, Arrangments and Self Assessment

The University of cumbria talk was mostly based on art courses and some film courses, such things like a wildlife course was the only one to truly appeal to me and filming for something like that has been a long time ambition. The talk was good but way too long and I had lost concentration half way through, if it was to be done again then I would have liked a break half way through as you could see people falling a sleep on the side.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 19.07.38.png

The course looked really good but they didn’t speak enough about it before moving on, it looked great but a Bristol course may be better as that is were BBC wildlife is based, therefore work experience would be better and the chances of landing a job afterwards would also improve. I looked into it afterwards my self to see what it is like and it looks and sounds a really good course.

After, looking at the course we set out at arranging the next steps in production. Such things like seeing if we can take the objects out of the box, filmed on a white wall and lit so it would look professional, this needed to be arranged before we went back o college so we can film as soon as possible.

14718625_1810424939199022_7074977598625850471_n (1).jpgScreen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.36.41.png

We are going to have a meeting on the first day back so we can see where everyone is, arrange research/ pre production, get filming dates sorted and equipment booked as soon as possible. If I were to do it again I would of liked more guidance and an actual brief so that we knew exactly what to do at all times.

After Arranging the meeting I reviewed my work so that I know what stage I am at and what level I think I am at.


I think I should be on all Pass’ though and only put it because it was better than the worst section.



Tuesday the 18th October, Museum and Library Visit

On this day, we as a media group arranged to go to the museum to have a meeting and finalise what we were wanting to do, this allowed us to plan everything we wanted and make any necessary changes. Our group hit a set back as zak hadn’t turned up and therefore we couldn’t confirm if he is going to be in our group, we changed what we were gonna shoot and decided on not doing the mummy, instead we are doing The Forge and the Clay Tablets.



I created an equipment list so that we all know what we need and therefore can arrange as soon as possible. The infinity wall may have to be included as well as we are wanting to shoot a few of the objects on a white wall and lit, this will give a professional look and something like this will help us attract all different kinds of people to the Blackburn museum.

After deciding such things like what to include and how to achieve the best aesthetic look, we moved onto research so that we can make better more informed decisions to improve the video and attract people who are interested in the information museums teach you.


After, we went to the library to do research, this showed me that kids were really enjoying the museum, therefore we should appeal to the youth and create a simple video and one which is full of information instead of creating three of pretty much the same videos. Also we will join the smaller videos together in a series with the other peoples work and release on different dates, such things like a Facebook and Youtube need to be created and used to attract the younger generation.

If I were to do this again I wouldn’t change anything as the visit was extremely helpful and the library visit allowed us to get on with researching without any distractions.


Monday the 17th October,UCAS Forms

After Updating my blogs on the Thursday, we followed up by setting up our UCAS forms and adding all the required information. Unfortunately I heard we were doing it too late and didn’t manage to get my grades together but I will add them another time.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 09.38.23.pngScreen Shot 2016-10-17 at 09.38.34.pngScreen Shot 2016-10-17 at 09.48.36.pngScreen Shot 2016-10-17 at 09.50.43.png

This was an easy task as I have done it before and I completed it up to my grades and personal statement. The personal statement I will do in the holiday and I will use my old one to help as it was a good piece. Moreover, If I were to do it again I would update my blog after I completed this instead as it left me a little behind going into the holidays.


I got my blog marked but I hadn’t posted anything yet as I kept them as drafts. Unfortunately this meant that I couldn’t get any feedback for the holiday but even the one I marked had nothing on there blog yet.

Wednesday 12th October, Everything is Illuminated and Information for Personal Statements

After coming back after an admin day, we went to a lecture, in this we watched Everything is illuminated. The film is about a young jewish-american writers attempt to research his grandfathers life in Ukraine, I watched the most of the film but missed a bit due to updating my blog on my laptop. This is partly because the film didn’t grab me initially and because I was slightly behind.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 17.12.37.png

On the other hand, the ending was shocking as you find it his grandfather is a Nazi Sympathizer who persecuted jews in the war. If I were to watch this film again I would like to see the whole of the film as I missed a selection of the film, big key points were missing from the film and parts of it didn’t make sense after I saw it.

After watching the film, we went for a break then returned for a talk on how to do personal statements. 20161012_150802.jpg





The talk was really good as it gave us information on how to create our personal statements which we are about to start and it gave us a talk about all the London Universities and there specialties. I found out that in London some of the media and photography courses are the best in the world and for that reason they are exceptionally well stocked with equipment, some were small others were larger and this depends as I wouldn’t want a massive university to go. This is because it takes away a relationship with the tutors and stops one to one learning which is so important in practical work. The main focus was on personal statements and such things like what the Universities look for was included. If I were to do this again I would make more notes as some of the pictures didn’t come out great due to the darkness and a terrible phone camera.

Thursday the 6th October, Blackpool Trip

Today we arrived to go to the Blackpool neon museum. After arriving we went straight to the museum, we quickly learnt that we all couldn’t go in at once, therefore we wanted to go in first so we could go around Blackpool after and take pictures of the things such as the piers.

These pictures are from my phone and show what we did in in Blackpool, I really like some of the pictures and  a lot of the reflections in the museum turned out great in some of the pictures. The lighting on the pier was really good as it was reflecting of the water and creating a great image. The pier looks rusty and done and the tower is still representative of Blackpool and I believe I captured a few good different angles of it with other subjects in. Some of the pictures above are cropped ruining some of the shots. I liked the trip as for a photographer you could go around after the museum and take pictures of anything. Moreover, If I were to go again I would bring my DSLR for higher quality pictures and long shutter speed pictures (especially of the neon). I was shocked when no one did it as some of the neon in there would look fantastic with a long exposure whilst moving the camera.


I shot this half a year ago on a light which changes colour and shook, I think the result is amazing and I love this image, something better easily could of been achieved at the neon, especially as neon flashes therefore it could create a really weird effect.

Tuesday the 4th October, Meeting with Graham and Steve at the Blackburn Museum and talks about the trips

Today we had been given the task to meet at the museum so that we could have a meeting with Steve and Graham. This allowed us to be set the task of creating a few videos each on some of the pieces in the museum. I believe this will be a good task as media haven’t had much to do and some practical work would be good to start on. After speaking to Steve, we got the impression that he wants a few videos, possibly with interviews and the main one he wants doing is of The Forge which is being sent to China soon. As a result we decided to split into groups so that we could handle different sections of the museum. I joined a group with Jake and Zach, this will give us the right amount of people to create 2-3 videos. Furthermore, after deciding on 2-3 videos we looked around all the Museum noting primary research and decisions to be made for the video, the research and information collected on multiple pieces will allow us to come away and assess which objects would be best fitting for a video. Such things we looked out for were if the painter was local and if their location could be included, with The Forge it was painted in Blackburn and this means we can have footage of where the place was and the painting. Graham had to get off so we talked to Steve about the main objects and paintings we were looking at, If he knew about it he would give us information about them and I found him being there very useful in getting our initial ideas sorted. We decided on the Mummy and the Clay tablets which invented writing.




All this information could be put into the videos and included as a part of the interview. I believe trip to the museum was really good as I managed to get a lot of useful information, my initial ideas came to alight and decisions were made. If I were to do it again I would’t change anything as it was a good first step to creating a video.

After visiting the Museum we went back to class where they talked about the upcoming trips, a Blackpool neon Museum was mentioned as well as a trip to London. This talk included how much it would be, what we are doing and when the payments are needed. This allowed me get everything together in time and decide whether to go on the trips. I believe the neon one sounds really good due to it being not the normal kind of gallery you would find, the only hope is that it is big enough. Moreover, the London trip is going to be great as it is allowing us to go to a place full of art whether it is in the streets or in Galleries as well as visits to the Universities which will help me decide on what I want to do in the future. This picture is from a visit to London I went on to take pictures. The talks were great as they informed us the important information we need to know but it would be good if we got sheets so that if you aren’t in then you would still know about it.IMG_5113.JPG