Monday the 23rd January 2017, Editing The Forge

After finishing the Sumerian Tablets video I wanted to get the other museum video done considering Steve had waited over Christmas and still hadn’t received a single video.screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-11-19-44

I wanted to start on a central shot of The Forge as it then shows what the main subject is, also having him stood next to it allowed us to get other nice shots from around the room. screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-10-35-19

I had started on editing and I was finding this video easy as we shot it from numerous different angles, this made the video really easy to line up and the narrative would sound good without much work. I spent most of time trying to choose the right shots visually and I think all together so far it is looking really good although I am missing important close ups. I may need to collect more close ups to provide B roll as he is speaking.

Today went really well as I managed to get through some of the video edited, I hadn’t nearly completed it but I had got through enough that it would be completed by the end of  the week.


Wednesday the 18th January 2017, Filming VNA

Firstly I had to make my way in to college, grab equipment then go to my straight to my Nana’s house, this was because she was going out and didn’t have much time. More importantly it had taken me a while to even start the VNA video and I had to push to do it at risk of not completing.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 12.34.09.png

When I arrived I decided on choosing the back room as it has great lighting with windows all around and loads of different pieces of art which I could frame nicely. The reason I kept this location was as I liked the shadows onto the wall and the way that if I cut to the other side shot you see other art pieces which you can’t see in the above picture.

Unfortunately due to not having enough time I couldn’t film all the questions a few times from different angles as that is ideal for the editor. As a result I had to film different angles on every question and although this makes it harder for the editor and there will be more use of B roll to patch up the spots which won’t flow.  It was a quick job but it allowed me to understand what B roll to pick up, you can’t do that until you know the narrative and seen as I was asking questions it was not possible until after the interview.

The interview went really good as I got all the relevant information about Blackburn town and surrounding areas as well as stories from her childhood which will be ideal in comparing pasts. If I were to do it again I would of done it earlier so that I could of had enough time to get the angles which I wanted, this would improve the narrative and the visuals of my video.


Tuesday the 17th January 2017, Re Editing

Due to an unknown reason, I came back and there was barely any of the Sumerian Tablet video edited. Therefore I spent the day editing the video back to completion so that I could start on the second. screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-13-28-44

It was a simple video to edit as we simply had a voiceover and a shots over his voice making it an easy task to complete in a day. If I were to do this video again I would of maybe selected a better artefact which we could actually get out the glass case. Although, I have had feedback and apparently it improves the look having the reflection. As a result the video looks appealing and the audio quality held out well enough and therefore it has come together nicely.


Thursday the 12th January 2017, Filming Second Museum Video

I arranged with Steve to film then me and Jake made our way at Lunch after picking up equipment and arranging exactly what to do.





The filming went really well as the lighting of the room was already good and we had enough space and free time to produce great footage. We attempted extra lighting with an LED light but due to the different temperature of lights, it gave a big patch of light which was a lot bluer (daylight) than the more red (tungsten) light. We solved this by simply not using it and pumping up the camera settings.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 21.00.12.png

I had thought the room we were going to film in wasn’t going to be good but we filmed the interview next to The Forge painting making it relevant and easy to understand what the main focus was. The wall was full of paintings and I utilised this to get a nicely framed shot. Moreover the wall proving a good back subject for the interview from multiple angles and it included a shot with a statue and the painting in the background which all came out very good.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 20.49.53.png

If I were to film again I would only want to include more close up shots of the actual painting as it was lacking close ups as he was talking The Forge.

I imported the videos onto my computer and had to go because I ran out of time.

Thursday the 15th December, Last day, Personal Statement and Filming

This was our last day and I spent it completing my Personal statement and having one last check through, this allowed for us to go through it an re word anything which needed it. We also had the task of reducing the word count which we managed to do. After that I paid for it and then waited for our tutor to send it off.


Furthermore I had to film my nana for the V&A video, this went really well and I think the actual look of it is great.

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 16.18.40.png

The questions went really well as well and it provided fantastic information which will be the base of the video.

Furthermore I got a contact of my Nana who could provide illustration for my video or possibly an interview.



I will look into the resources she gave me and hopefully collect another interview as she has not replied for a while. She couldn’t give me images either but she helped out enough.

Wednesday the 14th December, Manchester Film School, Filming issues

In the morning there was a chance to see Neil Roberts who is an accomplished photographer, unfortunately I couldn’t make it because I had to get the bus to Manchester. When we arrived at the University it was clearly what I was looking for, it was small with all industry grade equipment, studios and nice teachers. It didn’t look crowded and the area was really nice. He showed us around everywhere and you got your own editing rooms with industry standard programs. When we got in the studio it was really professional as everyone was doing there own job with about 30 people there whilst an elderly woman was choreographing this dancer for the shot. It was run like an actual film set and I feel this is the best way for me to learn the trade.

After having a look at the University, I went back to my brothers to get the bus to film but as it got later I missed the bus and it meant I would have to rearrange the filming days.screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-13-17-47


He was nice about it and understood so I will rearrange when we get back to film the other video.